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In this game, little Ned is home alone for the night when Lina, the ghost, suddenly appears at his home. She's quickly vanishing and needs to feed on scare-energy by scaring Ned. When she's on a hot paranormal energy spot and Ned is in the same room as her, she can channel this energy to interact with the physical realm, moving little objects and disturbing Ned's sanity. Quickly follow him all around the house until he pisses his pyjama pants off!

Use wasd or arrow keys to move. Use spacebar or left click to interact with energy spots. Don't spend too long doing nothing or your time with the living will be over before you know it!

Alejandro Pulido @Mascarale Game Desing, Production, Art, Programming

Pablo del Campo @PabloDcampo Music

Install instructions

Open rar and execute .exe


Ghostlina 11 MB

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